SARA manages a private clinical counselling practice separate to 'Message builders'. She provides counselling and workshop services to help you regain your value and place in life so you can live life to the fullest. She has a down to earth approach when partnering with you in a collaborative and personalized manner and trust that you will find our services valuable

Sara focus on both 'Marriage'and'Individual' counselling with the following scope and approaches:

- Rewiring Cognitions & Emotions

- Anxiety/ Depression/ Stress

- Pre-marital & Marriage Counselling

- Seperation & Divorce Counselling

- Individual Counselling

- Functional Therapy

- Ecometric Assessments

- Life Coaching & Mindfulness

- Workshops

Professional Affiliations:

Medibank-Accredited Provider of Counselling Services.

Christian Counselling Association of Australia (CCAA).

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Inc (PACFA).

Listed on the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP) register


Well-Being and Growth.

The aim of counselling is to foster well-being through personal growth, assisting clients to resolve crises and life problems through personal change, developing personal meaning and healing.

This includes the incorporation of short and long term interventions drawing on a variety of theoretical counselling and therapy models to help people better understand themselves.Counselling also helps people realise options, setting goals, and helping them take action


Marriage Counselling

We focus on healthy and broken relationships for couples, seeking to strengthen and restore relationships.

Depression, Anxiety, stress

In today's life stress, anxiety and depression has become a common phenomenon. We then also focus on helping people work through these issues.

Individual Counselling

We also focus on individual counselling and guidance for life issues and problems, helping you discover value and position in life.


Significant Events

Managing life’s events such as immigration adapting to changes and unexpected circumstances. Learning skills to transitioning


Single & double sessions available for both individuals and couples.

Sessions available via phone.

On-line Skype Available.

Medibank Accredited Provider.

Medicare Rebate not available.​



Cognitions & Emotions


"What is it? Rewiring is an individual or group approach to psychological therapy based on a combination model of CBT, psychotherapy and mastery learning. It is chiefly concerned with the relationship between optimism, learning, successful patterns of behaviour, and the subjective experiences and patterns of thought underlying them. This therapy educates people in self-awareness, healthy thinking, and effective communication, and helps them to change patterns of mental and emotional behaviour in a very short time-span.


Rewiring works on the neuroplasticity of the brain. It has been shown to be effective with adolescents and adults. The object of the training is to re-educate the brain and encourage a change in mental state, thus challenging the brain to function more effectively. The scripts that are programmed into our brains throughout life can be changed through this process, and organized into new scripts for us to achieve specific goals in life and raise the level of neurotransmitters in our brains". - Dr. Genevieve Milnes

Ecometric Assessment

Ecometric assessment scales assist in the counselling process. The best way to achieve best results is to measure and quantify problems through reliable and scientifically proven measurements techniques.


Pro-active action.

Address correct and real needs.

Target the problems that will really make a difference.

Identify the most important risk factors.

Identify and utilize the strong points of functioning.

Provides a foundation to select the most appropriate, therapeutic actions.


Standardized multidimensional assessment scales:


  • Personal Multi-problem Screening Inventory (PMSI)

  • Leadership Values Scale (LQI)

  • Eating Disorder Scale (EDAS)

  • Other


For more information visit: Perspectivetrainingcollege

Functional Therapy

Functional Therapy is aimed at effecting understanding and insight into human behavior. In the first place clients are guided to understand themselves better. Understanding alone provides the possibility of healing. Clients have to proceed to effective action if they are to expect healing. When Functional Therapy is fully utilized (understanding that finds expression in action), it can lead to a life that is blessed with rich and fulfilled relationships with God, self and neighbor:


Functional Therapy (FT) involves a comprehensive approach to human functioning based on the integration of theology and social sciences.

  • FT is a powerful treatment, because it combines theological, scientific, and behavioural aspects into one comprehensive approach: understanding and overcoming common psychosocial problems.

  • FT was developed through extensive scientific evaluation.

  • FT aims to help the client move from his/her defined emotional and behavioural problems, towards goals of how he/she would like to feel and behave.

  • FT is a goal-directed, systematic, problem-solving approach to emotional and behavioural problems.

  • FT focuses on how problems are being maintained as well as on searching for the root cause(s) of the problem.

  • FT shows some of the strategies a person is using to cope with his/her emotional problems are actually maintaining those problems.

  • FT offers practical advice and tools for overcoming common emotional and behavioural problems.

  • FT can address material from a person’s past if doing so can help him/her to understand and change the way he/she is thinking and acting now.

  • FT highlights learning techniques and maximizes self-help so that ultimately any person can become his/her own therapist.

Bear Therapy

In summary Bear Therapy is “…a powerful tool which unlocks the client’s internal ego states and brings to life the hidden intrapersonal emotional dilemmas. In couple counselling it can be used with both parties present, one as an observer, or individually between couple sessions. It is educative, psychotherapeutic and draws upon a large body of literature” (Milnes; 2011:29)


G, Milnes. 2011. Working with Bears: Couple Counselling. National Journal of CCAA - Edition 3 (October). The Christian Counsellors Association of Australia Inc. pg 22-29

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